TV Wall Mounting Chelsea

Hi Guys, This is our first documentation of TV Wall Mounting and Cable Concealing over a Fireplace.

So you have finally bought your Dream TV and also got it Wall Mounted. As the fireplace is made of

brick there will be no easy way to completely hide the cables especially when your Setup box is in the

alcove in a built in shelf.

Here is a Job we completed and are proudly presenting to you.


TV Wall Mounting, Cable Concealing in a Fire Place

The TV Wall Bracket has been Wall Mounted  and a channel chased for the Cables.

Chasing Down

The chasing going down the side leading to the built in shelf in the alcove.

Cable Concealing
Cable exit point in alcove

Here the chasing has been completed and ready for completion.

TV Wall Mounted and Chasing Plastered

TV on the wall and cables placed and plastered over leaving the fire Place Cable Free and ready for decoration.

Decorating complete

The effort has definitely been worth while.

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